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Testing Deck Ban List

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Testing Deck Ban List

Post by [Acad Champion] Lance on Mon Sep 23, 2013 3:11 am

This ban list of decks and specific cards will only be used for Rank Testing, some in-academy tournaments, some duels here, and etc. It will not be used or will be modified for War Team Testing, Some tournaments, etc. This ban list was made so that it would actually take skill for users to get a good dorm or score in the testing process or tournaments. This ban list will change when more and more cheap decks are released :

- Any Mill/Deck Out Decks
- Any Stall Decks (any deck with over 5 Stall cards is considered banned as well. I have seen multiple people use half stall and then half of another type trying to use stall cards until they get the cards they need because it will be easily beat without or because the deck is just simply too weak.)
- Any Burn Decks
- Any Lockdown Deck (if you accidentally lock down your opponent and the whole deck is NOT based on a lockdown combo and lockdowns opponents frequently, then you can use it)
- Any OTK/FTK Deck
- Any deck with all 5 Pieces of Exodia The Forbidden One
- Any deck with Final Countdown
- Any deck with Horakhty
- Any deck with Self-Destruct Button
- Dragon Rulers/Elemental Dragons (If you are using a deck with 1 or 2 copies of ONE Dragon Ruler then it is ok but if you use 3 of one or use more than one Dragon Ruler, then you cannot use it.)
- Evilswarm
- Dark Worlds
- Prophecy/Spellbooks
- Gravekeepers
- Inzektors
- Six Samurais
- Mermails
- Merlanteans
- Wind-Ups
- Quasar
- Fire Fist
- Any Deck with a Win Condition Card
- Gladiator Beasts
- Lightsworns
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