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Testing Rules

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Testing Rules

Post by [Acad Champion] Lance on Mon Sep 23, 2013 3:27 am

These are the official testing rules of Dragonic Overlord Elite Academy. Click on the title for each spoiler to show what it inside them.

Table of Contents:
0. Table of Contents
1.0 General Testing Rules
2.0 Testing Process
      A : Pre-Testing Mini-Process
      B : Testing Duel Mini-Process
      C : After-Test Duel/Final Mini-Process
3.0 What to do after you have completed your testing!

General Testing Rules:
1.Testing will be conducted in Advanced (Unrated) Format and no other formats.
2. Testing can only be done by official testers. Tests given by members who are not a tester will not be counted.
3. Tests must follow the current Testing Rules.
4. You cannot test with decks that are on the Testing Ban List (This goes for Testees and Testers) : http://dragncovrldeliteacad.board-directory.net/t4-testing-deck-ban-list#4
5. You must read all of the info in all of these spoilers before testing.
6. If a player disconnects during a round, that player will lose that round and the duel will be re-hosted to go onto the next round if there is one.

Testing Process:
The Testing Process is split up into three parts : Btw again, these are spoilers and you have to click the title on these 3 inside this spoiler to open and close them.
Pre-Testing Mini Process:
After your tester has been decided, click on their username to see what their Dueling Network username is. PM them on Dueling Network with the 2 decks you are using for the testing process. The tester will then give a "Yay or Nay" response on if your deck is not one of the banned decks : http://dragncovrldeliteacad.board-directory.net/t4-testing-deck-ban-list#4  If one of the decks is not approved, then please send in a new one. Once both decks are approved and both duelists are ready for testing, the Testing Duel Mini-Process will commence!
Testing Duel Mini-Process:
You will now do a Match (2 out of 3 duel) with the first deck you sent in. The tester who is giving you your test will record notes such as what deck you are running, how prepared you are, etc. while the testing is going on. After the 1st Match duel is complete, please take a few minutes as your tester will be recording scores for the 1st half of the testing. Then you will move on to the 2nd Match Duel and you will use your 2nd deck that you sent in. Testers will take notes during this duel as well. They will record 2nd Match duel scores. Then it moves onto After-Test Duel/Final Mini-Process.
After-Test Duel/Final Mini-Process:
The tester will finish up the last parts of the testing rubric and then they will post them in the Test Results section when done. It will be posted with the following rubric :

Testee’s Dueling Network Username : _____________
Testee’s Deck #1 : ______________ (Deck Screenshot : ______________ )
Testee’s Deck #2 : ______________ (Deck Screenshot : ______________ )
Competitiveness of Deck #1 : ?/70
Competitiveness of Deck #2 : ?/70
Consistency of Deck #1 : ?/70
Consistency of Deck #2 : ?/70
Deck Size of Deck #1 : ?/30
Deck Size of Deck #2 : ?/30
Siding Skills for Deck #1 and Match Duel #1 : ?/30
Siding Skills for Deck #2 and Match Duel #2 : ?/30
- Did they side anything affectively during the duels?
- Did they have a full side deck?
- Did you see any cards like "Skill Drain" or "Royal Decree" for example that made an impact on your deck and the duel?
Duel Preparedness : ?/50
- Did they have cards that were ready for the situation?
- Were they ready for the duel?
- Did they handle the duel good and did not blindly make moves such as blind MSTing or summoning a monster when their opponent has one face-down which is a bottomless before using MST?
- Did they have a full Extra and full Side deck?
Match Duel #1 Result : ?/30
Match Duel #2 Result : ?/30
        - 30 pts. for 2-0  good fair wins
        - 15 pts. for 2-1 fairly and good
        - 10 pts. for 2-0 or 2-1 cheaply and just barely made it to winning
        - 5 pts. for losing but making at least one round win
        - 0 pts. for losing both rounds
Control over the field : ?/50
      -   Control over the game is not just about winning the game. It’s about if the testee had overall control and always had an answer to your plays. For Example : If the player just summoned out a big monster and you destroyed it with Mirror Force then they had nothing left, they didn’t have very good control over the game. If they lost easily without really doing anything, then that is also another case of bad control. BUT if they lost because you got lucky and they did have very well control and you just got some lucky draw, it does count as control.
Dueling Skills : ?/80
        - How well they dueled in the game. Did they know their cards good? Did they know how to respond and all the rulings? Did they make various mistakes? etc.
        - Did they know how to play? Did they know the rules and rulings well?
        - Did they use their cards usefully and efficently?
[Mistakes] : Minor Mistakes : ? Major Mistakes : ?                 Total and Total Points off : -?
Minor Mistakes are -15 each. Major Mistakes are -30 each.

Total Score : ?/640
Welcome to Dragonic Overlords Elite Duel Academy and to the ______________ Rank!

Rank Key (Lowest Dorm to Highest Dorm) :
0 - 300 = Baby Dragon Rank
301 - 450 = Chaos Dragon Rank
451 - 570 = Dragunity Rank
571 - 628 = Hieratic Dragon Rank
629 - 639 = Dragon Ruler Rank
640 Perfect Score OR Chosen by the leader = Godly Dragon Rank

Tester Comments (optional) : ________________________________________________________________.

What to do after you have completed your testing!:
After your testing is completed and your tester posted your results, go look at your results and soon your username should be changed to that color. After that occurs : You can make your introduction and then get familiar with our members! Also maybe chill out and meet your rank leader!
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