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Academy Main Rules

Post by [Acad Champion] Lance on Mon Sep 23, 2013 4:03 am

1. No abuse of power.
I do not know how much I stress this but I do not want members abusing their power!!! I have been on way to many academies where members plain out abuse power and get away with it because it goes un-reported, admins don't care about it and do not do anything about it, OR THE ABUSE OF POWER IS COMING FROM THE LEADER AND PERSON WHO CREATED IT!! This is why I have left some academies and made my own, I even went on one which was made my a friend's friend and I was an admin there and I did all the graphics, groups, sections, rules, posts, rubrics, etc. then the friend who created it became a total Academy Dictator and whenever someone questioned the person, they would just get banned. Ironic that we 3 made it on the grounds of freedom and justice trying to make a difference in academies. Abuse of power comes in different forms for different ranks :
Admins : Banning or kicking members without reason, demoting or ranking up members from ranks for no reason, editing user's profiles and topics without their permission, changing forum things without permission, deleting important topics without permission, etc.
Mods : Banning or kicking members without reason, editing user's topics without permission, etc.
Rank Leaders : Bossing around members in their rank, giving rank members useless and bad advice on purpose, etc.
Testers : Giving members unfair test scores, lying on the test results, cutting off pts. purposefully just to get users in a certain low dorm, adding pts. purposefully to get users in a certain high dorm, etc.

2. No Spam.
No spam is allowed on the chatbox or the topics and posts. The following examples are considered spam :
Chatbox Spam - The use of all caps, Repeating the same thing more than 2 times, tAlKiNg LiKe ThIs, saying one letter or one character sayings multiple times, saying a very long message that is unneededly long, etc.
Forum/Posts and Topics Spam - The use of all caps, Taking up more than one reply or messages in one topic to make one point, repeating the same thing more than 2 times, tAlKiNg LiKe ThIs, speaking in another language (it's allowed if you're like making an article and its like a little fancy writing thing like Hola!) besides English, replying to a topic just with one or few words just like someone posting a topic on if their deck is good and open to suggestions and you just reply with "Yes", etc.

3. No double accounts and the use of proxies is prohibited.
You may not use Proxies. Also, no double accounts are allowed. If you have a secondary account on this academy, you will be automatically Perma banned and IP banned. Admins have access to the admin panel and can see user's IPs.

4. No Mini-Modding or Back-Seat Modding is allowed.
Back-Seat Modding is not allowed, (Back seat modding is when you report a member straight out in a public place here like on the chatbox or in the topics) if you have a problem with a member or a ban report, please just talk in privately with an admin on Skype, DN PM, or PM them here. Mini-Modding is not allowed either, reporting is ok but being like "No caps.", "No Spam.", etc. to everyone on the chat is not allowed. Admins and Mods will do there job and that's why they're there, if you're not an admin or mod then don't do their job for them.

5. No harassment.
You may not harass, put down, downtalk, peer pressure, bully, cyber-bully, insult, and all of the like to members here.

6. No fighting/complaining/arguing about dorms.
Read this : http://dragncovrldeliteacad.board-directory.net/t2-important-message-to-people-arguing-about-their-rank#2

7. No advertising.
You may not advertise or recruit for other academies. You may not send links to other academies. You may not send links to products, etc.

We are not responsible for activity on other websites. If the member from there comes here and starts harassing you as well or at academy events then that member will be banned. The Chatbox also counts as part of the forum and moderation may issue warnings for offenses commited in the Chatbox.

9. This academy is PG-13.
You may curse and say words like "fuck", "crap", "shit", etc. But you are not allowed to share or post links to naked pics, pornography, sexual content, etc. If we find you putting this on any part of our academy, you will be perma banned and IP banned.

10. No arrogant, negative, and bad attitudes.
Only positive attitudes please. We do not encourage members to act arrogant and downtalk lower ranked members who are not as good as them. If you are caught doing such things, you will be banned and punished by being sent to the lowest dorm as punishment so you get a taste of your own medicine.

11. No hacking.
If you are caught hacking a member on DN, DN Forums, their email, or the academy then you will be IP banned, Perma banned, and reported to Forumotion if it is on the forums or DN Staff if on DN websites. If you are caught DDosing or hacking majorly, you will be reported to the police.

General Punishments :
These are general punishments for all rules here except the rules which have their own punishment which are listed in the rule. The exceptions to the following are : Rules 11, 10, 9, 3, and 1.

Chatbox Warnings : (Upgrades to Ban Chart if gets to 3rd Warning)
1st Warning : No Punishment. Just a verbal warning to the user saying "Warning 1".

2nd Warning : Verbal Warning, "Warning 2" and a Kick from Chatbox. (Varies, if it is a very big problem then only one warning will be given before ban)

3rd Warning : Verbal Warning saying "Warning 3" and a Kick from Chatbox then Ban from forum and chat (See Ban Chart to see what punishment the user gets).

Ban Chart :
1st Ban :
- Minor : 3 days
- Medium : 5 days
- High Medium : Min : 1 Week, Max : 2 Weeks
- High/Major : 2 weeks and a half - 3 Months

2nd Ban :
- Minor : 5 Days
- Medium : 1 Week - 2 Weeks
- High Medium : 2 1/2 weeks - 3 months
- High/Major : Permanent Ban & IP Ban

3rd Ban :
- Minor : Permanent Ban & IP Ban
- Medium : Permanent Ban & IP Ban
- High Medium : Permanent Ban & IP Ban
- High/Major : Permanent Ban & IP Ban

**Custom punishments can be given by an admin FOR EXAMPLE if they have committed something like having 1 ban for Major Punishment then another for medium or high medium, then they can get a custom punishment such as Permanent Ban & IP Ban.**
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