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The New Rein of Academies

Post by [Acad Champion] Lance on Tue Sep 24, 2013 12:53 am

I have been to many academies that end up corrupt or start corrupt with corrupt leaders, corrupt head admins, corrupt admins and mods, etc. and even if they won't harass you then they're doing it to others and making unfair judgments and  rules. Questioning something wrong usually ends up with a ban. I even made an academy trying to achieve the same goal but I was not the Founder and Creator of that academy. I was only an admin and the other person was the leader and therefore had more power over the forum than I did. I then made the whole academy and did all the little stuff and after that, the academy got corrupt with the leader not knowing what to do, un-adminning me, banning me for questioning, and then the leader again did even more being manipulated by her best friend. That academy was a wreck. I decided to take justice into my own hands and create this academy. I have even heard from others that I would be a great leader and that is why I made this academy. We, the dragonic overlords of Dragonic Overlord Elite Duel Academy will rein supreme in all the academies! We will not get power like other corrupt academies by praising one member in specific and having basically a dictator-like admin. WE WILL BECOME THE MOST POWERFUL AND FEARSOME ACADEMY! Through teamwork, honesty, loyalty, etc. we will rein and rule the academies! Keep limit breaking, Dragonic Overlords.
~ Sincerely, your academy leader
[Acad Champion] Lance

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